What Is Seo Is Not Rocket Science! Learn Them Now!

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SEO is the short form for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ or ‘Search Engine Optimiser’.  What exactly is a search engine? It is the platform that allows the user to search for live websites on the internet using specific keywords. For example, if you want to buy latest Nike shoes for yourself then the most basic option is, that you buy them from the nearest available store in your area. This can be bothersome and time-consuming if you have to travel miles to get to the store. While the easier option is to order the product online through an E-commerce website, but do you have any idea how you or anyone, in this case, is going to do that? The process is pretty simple they just have to enter the specific type of shoes they are looking for along with their location on any search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and much more. These keywords would generate the best possible results allowing you buy and compare the products at the same time on the single platform. SEO is basically the procedure that provides the top ranking for your website on specific keywords. Search engines are playing a key role in promoting and advertising a website.  Many famous SEO agencies are currently available at your service. So what exactly can these companies provide you? Look below:

  • A general review of your website’s content, design and structure.
  • Technical knowledge on website development including hosting, redirects, debugs, coding, javascript.
  • Content strategizing
  • Management of internet campaigns or online business campaigns.
  • Keywords analysis
  • SEO training if necessary.

Why Google?

Google is the largest and simplest search engine present. Unlike its rivals that show an enormous amount of data on their landing page, also knows as the home page, Google tends to keep it sober and light. It just has its logo along with white background and a highlighted bar to enter text along with the functional icons. Although, Google has overcome its rivals in the past few decades significantly. It has achieved brilliance through sheer hard work and dedication. If you will ask any person how is he going to find something, you will get an instant reply ‘I will Google it’. Over billions of users visit Google frequently on a single day worldwide. Initially, professionals did SEO for other search engines but now they just do it for Google just due to one reason. The reason is that they get more audience on Google than all the search engines combined together. Since Google knows that it is the key player in the market which has compelled to generate a few guidelines that allow to monitor any spamming activity in its database. Look at the basic guidelines enforced by Google.

Google Expectations:


1) Help Google find your pages easily

  • The referring link should include either a text or an image in context to the target page.
  • Every website should have a site map that provides a specific link to important pages of the website called a sitemap file.
  • List of all the external links should be embedded on the site index or the site map page.
  • A reasonable number of links should be posted on the page. Avoiding spamming.
  • Make sure HTTP header is supported by your web server
  • Robots.txt file should be updated regularly.

2) Help Google understand your pages effectively

  • Develop a useful, content rich site that clearly describes your information correctly.
  • Target specific keywords while strategizing content.
  • Make sure all the attributes like title, alt, meta etc are accurate.
  • Designing should be in accordance with the SEO techniques.
  • Ensure the content management system you are using creates pages and reference links that search engine can crawl
  • Keep in mind to use a robot.txt file or rel=’nofollow’ so that the Google crawlers does not follow the advertisement links on your website which may affect your Google rankings drastically.

3) Allow visitors to use your page

  • Google prefers developers to use text instead of bulky images that display important names, content and links.
  • Alt attribute tag must be used in order to describe any image in a few accurate words.
  • Make sure there is no faulty link that might affect your ranking. Use valid HTML tags.
  • Google praises websites which have less than 2 seconds loading time. This basically makes user happy and engaging.
  • Ensure that your website is working for multiple platforms including desktop, tablets and cellphones.
  • Test on the website on various browsers and any issues should be solved instantly.
  • Make sure you provide authentic security to your clients with HTTPS secure connection. Encrypting interaction can help in boosting trust.
  • Try to make your website readable for people having visual impairment by testing it with a screen-reader.


  • Pages should be made for the users, not for search engines.
  • Do not break the trust of the user.
  • Avoid cheating or tricks that improve search engine rankings, for example, Black Hat SEO.
  • Make sure your website has uniqueness as it will be the key factor in determining the future of your website.
  • Keep it clean and simple.
  • Too much data can sometimes lead to spamming for blocking
  • Be specific
  • Link building should be done on recognised dictionaries
  • Try to gain organic traffic through social media platforms, blogs, articles, press releases etc.
  • Duplicate content should be discarded.
  • Shadow linking and hidden links should be avoided.
  • Development of pages that are identified as malicious is often blocked instantly.
  • Spamming links and content are not a tolerated.
  • Doorway pages, sneaky snippets and cloaking can lead to blacklisting of the website.

Any website that follows these rules can reach its goal in the least possible time. Organic SEO and right techniques will ensure you the top rank in Google rankings while many websites can be black flagged or blacklisted if they do not follow these guidelines as Google is very specific about these rules.

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