What Is Marketing Strategy?

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What Is Marketing Strategy:Marketing Strategy is a coherent and agreed upon process formed with the aim of increased revenue and market share. Broadly speaking, marketing strategies refer to the set of actions designed to meet your business goals.

Marketing strategies should contain three important elements:

  • Who your targetaudience are
  • How to reach your target audience
  • How to retain your audience

Your marketing strategy is effectively your company’s way to success.
In This article i will tell you some steps leading to a successful content marketing strategy.

1.In-depth research: Does your content fill a void your ideal customer faces?

Research includes studying your competitors and understanding the market and your ideal customer’s problems. Create content your customers demand instead of writing about what you think the readers want. The worst kind of content marketing starts with companies focused on showing how great their product or service is, instead of filling a void or addressing a clearly defined pain point.

The most effective content is never about your company, your products or yourself. Instead, it starts with acknowledging a pain point and the best ways to solve it (including your solution). Putting your customers’ needs above your own builds trust.


2.A strong headline: A headline either draws in readers or pushes them away

As per Copyblogger, eight out of 10 people will read your headline. Two out of 10 will read the rest of what you wrote.

Use the ‘four-Us’ approach to write clickable headlines:

  • Make the headline useful to the reader — The Science Of Viral Content: Which Emotions Make Us Share?
  • Include a sense of urgency for the reader — Are You Losing Sales By Giving Customers Too Many Choices?
  • The headline should convey the benefit in a unique way – How I Generated 197,013 Visitors A Month Without Spending A Dollar On Ads.
  • Using all this to craft an ultra-specific headline — 10 Statistics Traps in A/B Testing: The Ultimate Guide for Optimizers.

3.Multiple content formats:Use multiple content formats to lead the visitor to your products and services.

The following types of content formats generate more targeted leads.

  • Guides: Detailed how-to guides position you as an expert in your field. Long posts appear on Google when long-tail keywords are searched. Solve a real problem your audience faces with the detailed how-to guide.

Neil Patel, the founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, and KISSmetrics writes some of the best how-to guides. The detailed pieces of content have visual flair

4.Visual content: Visual content is engaging, memorable, and effective as it helps the audience process, comprehend, and retain more information rapidly.

Different audiences prefer consuming content in different visual forms. Repurposing content in a visual format increases the life of the content and gives more bang for your buck.

These are some proven visual content types you can use:

  • Slides: Break down complex information into easily digestible slides on SlideShare, which has more than 60 million unique visitors. Tell your stories using compelling visuals and include a call to action to maximise the effectiveness of your presentation.
  • Infographics: Infographics get 3X times more likes and shares on social media compared to other types of content. Try to limit the statistics to 10–12 focused on a single topic with the length of the infographic not more than 8,000 pixels. Anything more than this might result in a jumbled mix of facts and figures.
  • Videos: Video content has been the most engaging and interactive kind till date. Create videos with high quality content to engage the viewer. Push and promote them across all possible channels to the point that they go viral.


Your b2b marketing strategy sets out a clear vision for your company’s future. A cohesive and clearly laid out strategy helps to clarify your business’s goals, aims, and activities. Strategic marketing can also help to prioritize each of your tasks as they arrive.

Marketing strategies can help you to maximize the resources at your disposal. For example, an early stage company might focus on a predominantly digital or online marketing strategy to make the most out of their limited resources, while a firmly established and larger rival might incorporate more expensive trade show and conference speaking engagements into their strategy.

Today’s b2b landscape can be a noisy place making it difficult to get your message across. Content is being produced at a rapid rate as companies switch their focus to inbound marketing. Your content marketing plan makes up an increasingly large part of your company’s strategy. You should look to create an editorial calendar for your blog and regularly publish unique and high quality pieces of content. Remember, the competition is fierce so you can’t compromise on quality when it comes to content marketing.


As you develop your marketing strategy there are a number of best practices to follow.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO): The modern buyer completes up to 57% of the buying process before the sales rep is engaged. Buyers spend their time educating themselves online taking advantage of the plethora of free information online via blog posts, whitepapers, and case studies. Before the buyer engages your rep he will know all about your product as well as your competitors. To get the buyer’s attention you will need an effective SEO strategy. This strategy might mean creating content that focuses on keyword terms around your product offering or consistently creating high quality content to improve the authority of your site.

Put a stop to the “Where did I leave that file” routine: Even the most well thought out marketing strategy can suffer if inefficiencies run rife in your organization. One of the most common issues in business today is the time spent searching for and recreating lost files. Research has shown that knowledge workers spend 5 to 8.8 hours per week  searching for information. Look towards sales enablement solutions that provide your marketing team with instant access to content regardless of where it is stored.

Map your content to each stage in the buying process: Content lies at the heart of your sales and marketing strategy. As you set about creating content to power your inbound marketing machine, look to eliminate gaps in your content strategy. Blog posts, for example, will generally focus on top of the funnel. High quality, bottom of the funnel content that can help your sales team close deals is also an integral part of your strategy.


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