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Today I’m sharing about a popular social media tool call ViralTag, which I have discovered recently and it become an essential part of my social media posting strategy. Specially with the growing number of social media sites, it’s becoming important to have a Social media tool which integrates with all your social media profile.

If you are people who understand the importance of visual content for your social media channels (Visual content gets more interaction and CTR), you would love ViralTag. In simple word ViralTag is a social media tool for Visual content. It works similar to Buffer but offer great features for sharing visual content on your social media channel.

ViralTag Review & Features

You can start using ViralTag right away with their free plan which allows you to connect up to 3 social media channels and let you publish 200 posts along with 1 RSS feed posting. I will talk about these features in detail later, but for now lets find out what all social media platform ViralTag supports.

Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook Profile and Page, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

These are the social media profiles you can post on using ViralTag, but this is not all, as the real power of this awesome tool is in the way you can add images. You can connect it to your Instagram profile and cross-post updates from Instagram to your other social-media profile. Below is a screenshot of upload options available in Viraltag:

You would love the feature to upload multiple images from your computer, and you can bulk schedule them.

To start using Viraltag, create your free account in your wordpress. Once you are inside your dashboard, click on Accounts on the left side and connect with your existing social-media profile. I would recommend to focus more on Pinterest here, as with ViralTag you can easily start managing your Pinterest profile professionally.

Upload and queue:

What I enjoyed the most about Viraltag is; it makes it easier to upload any number of images and with one click you can schedule them. In this case, I uploaded the complete folder of my Workshop images and scheduled it on my Pinterest profile. Here I have an option to either write unique description for all the images or I can use Bulk option to add same meta description and link to all the images. In this scenario the only thing which mattered the most is Hashtag, so I used the bulk options. Option to automatically send uploaded images after regular interval will put your social-media positing strategy on auto-pilot.

You can also click on discover under the Dashboard to find visual content under various categories. When ever you are out of idea, this section will ensure you will have something to share on your social media profile.

As I mentioned above, ViralTag is like BufferApp for visual content; so don’t forget to set your posting time. This way when ever you add anything in the queue, it will be posted according to your selected time. You can take help of these tools to find best time to tweet and set your posting time accordingly.

In Visual content, you should focus on publishing .gif images which is supported by Twitter, and it will help you to get more retweets and get more followers. You can use GIFboom to create .gif images. One thing which I would like them to work on is, option to remove URL for specific posts. For example, when I’m posting a tweet, I would not like to add a URL always. I believe they have this feature especially for Pinterest, but something they should keep as an optional when posting on other platform like Twitter or Facebook.

My Expereience

As a social media posting tool, ViralTag will be a great addon into your list of social-media tool. What makes it unique is the core value and that is “Visual content”. They offer extension for Chrome and Safari or you can use their Bookmarklet, which makes it easier to add new post from anywhere in the web. The free version is a good starting point for any blogger and social-media agencies or businesses can take advantage of their pro package which is also cheap and affordable.

Overall, my experience with ViralTag was good and you should definitely try this tool. As I mentioned above, use it to bulk schedule updates for your Pinterest account, or use it to bulk-schedule .gif image on your Twitter account. I wish to see Google plus integration in the upcoming days, for now go ahead and sign up for free.


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