Top 5 Reason Why Should Be Your Website On WordPress!

Welcome To My Website Today I Will Tell You Top 5 Reason Why Should Be Your Website On WordPress!

It’s well known throughout the design community that WordPress isn’t just for blogs, even though it’s the greatest blogging Platform that ever was.Every sites are now being built on WordPress, some with and some without blogs.Here are some of the main advantages that WordPress has over building a site in HTML, Flash (but that’s a whole ‘nother post) or any other CMS (client management system) platform.

Firstly Get Your Own Domain Name From Godaddy Or any other platform.

It Saves your Huge Money

1. You can install WordPress on any domain name, and many servers now offer a 1-click install of the latest version of WordPress. It’s a completely seamless way of using the software, you just download the software from and they have instructions as to how to install it to your own domain name. Sha-boomy!

2. Once your site is done being set up, designed and configured, you never have to pay anyone to make changes to it. Ever. Unless you want a new design or enhanced functionality, you can pretty much manage your site on your own and quit paying someone by the hour to add photos, change dates, and update your content.

3. Many attractive WordPress themes are free, but the professional ones are gorgeous and more flexible, I find. You probably need to pay a designer to completely customize the theme to exactly what you want, but it’s relatively easy to put together a beautiful site and pay less than $100 for a theme (but the design work and configuration will cost extra, I’m sure).My favorite places to get themes currently include Woo Themes, which has excellent support for when you can’t figure out how to get something just right and ThemeForest, which has amazing, feature-rich themes for very reasonable prices.

4. I wouldn’t be a good social media consultant if I didn’t tout the need and downright demand of todays sites to have Facebook “like” functionality as well as integration with all your social media channels. People visiting your site should easily be able to see all your social media channels – YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, all of it. There are literally tons of ways to integrate these things into WordPress, making your site THE place to connect with your organization.

5.We all want to be at the top of that Google food chain. With WordPress text-centric platform, it’s very search engine friendly and many themes and plugins can enhance your site even more so. The WordPress platform is easily crawled by search engine spiders, making your site quicker to find than your competition. WordPress encourages link building and tracking back to your site easily from other sites, and allows you to create sitemaps easily.Are there any reasons I missed? What are some reasons YOU love WordPress?

Hope You Like It…

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