Social Media Traffic Pros And Cons?

Welcome To My Website Today I will Tell you about Some Social Media Traffic Pros And Cons? This Traffic works for you or not.


It’s free traffic:

You gotta love spending 30 seconds posting to Facebook and then watch 500 to 1,000 or more visitors hit your site.  That’s awesome and it’s free.

The ROI is 100% (less the cost of content and the 30 seconds it takes to post).

Generate traffic in seconds (sometimes a lot of traffic):

It’s fast traffic.  If you have engaged social media channels, the traffic is instant.  The actual posting to social media channels doesn’t take long.  If the response is going to be good, it will be good instantly.

Reasonably good control:

Once you have a decent understanding what fans like, it’s not hard to replicate that kind of content over and over and over.

Possibly good for SEO:

Some SEO experts say social media signals have no bearing on search rankings.  Other SEO experts say they do.

My guess, and it’s a guess by an amateur at best is that social signals help.

Easily outsourced:

Because posting to social media is pretty easy, it’s easily outsourced.  Mistakes aren’t that bad because results are so temporary. Training doesn’t take long.  It’s definitely one of those tasks you want to outsource.  Once the system is in place, you can generate a nice daily flow of traffic without getting involved.


Delay in results:  

It usually takes a while to generate any serious traffic because you need to build up your social media channels.  Yes, you can get viral action early on, but generally you’ll need more fans for more engagement and traffic.

Labor intensive:  

Posting across 5 social media channels once per day isn’t a big deal.  Posting 14 times per day across 5 social media channels takes well over an hour.  While you may think an hour isn’t bad, it gets mighty boring when you do it 5 days a week… plus schedule for the weekend.

Moreover, this model is less effective than it was in 2013 because organic Facebook reach is lower than it was.  That’s not to say you can’t drive serious traffic from Facebook posts, Tweets, Pins, etc.  Some publishers still focus on this as their primary source of traffic.  While I do plenty of social media posting, it’s my 3rd favorite source of traffic (behind paid and organic search).

Mixed results:

One day you can hit a grand slam with social posts, the next day you have a bunch of duds.  While it doesn’t take long to figure out what will work best, you just never know.

This results in mixed traffic volumes, meaning fluctuating profits.

While I love the free nature of it (less the cost in time to post), it’s too varied for me to want to focus on it to the exclusion of other traffic sources.

Lack of control:

Every traffic source lacks control to some degree.  Some more than others.  Social media performance can vary because they’re platforms you don’t own.  Anything could happen including losing your account.

Works better in some niches than others:

Yes, you can come up with linkbait topics in any niche.  But, the key is can you post daily in the niche that will consistently generate engagement and traffic?  There’s no question that some niches are better than others… especially on Facebook and Pinterest.

In fact, Twitter often works better in niches that aren’t so hot on Facebook and Pinterest.  Twitter can be great for B2B niches which aren’t nearly as engagement focused on Facebook and Pinterest.

It’s short term:

Wouldn’t it be great if a Facebook post could generate traffic month after month after month?  Sadly it doesn’t unless you boost it.

While traffic can spike, it’s short term.

It’s boring:

Posting 10 to 14 times per day to social media accounts is boring, tedious work.  While it can be fun dreaming up creative posts, the act of actually posting many times each day to many social media accounts is boring and time consuming.

Fortunately outsourcing social media posting is easy to do.  There isn’t much downside.  Mistakes aren’t a big deal (unlike paid traffic mistakes which can cost a lot of money).


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