Seo Hacks 2017!

Welcome to my blog here i will tell you about what Seo Hacks 2017! and how you can use to rank your blog or website fast.

We all are struggling now a days to rank our website by different techniques but after trying so many ways some them get succeed and so got fail to rank their website on seo.But i have found some things that will world best for your website and if you want your website to rank in google or any search engine the follow each and every step to get success online.

Accessibility of your website

Page access

If a search engine can’t reach a page, it’s impossible to have it indexed. Make sure that your robots.txt file isn’t accidentally blocking important web pages.


If your page or site has moved to a new location, 301 status means that a page has permanently moved to a new URL, redirecting the page automatically to prevent 404 errors. For permanent shifts, try to always use 301-redirects instead of 302.

Site speed

site speed has become a major ranking factor in SERPs. Faster is better. Use the Page Speed Tools in Google Developers to check the loading time of web pages.

Generate Sitemaps

sitemap is Not only useful for visitors, but also for search engines as it helps the crawlers of SERPs understand your website architecture.XML sitemap. This sitemap is only visible for search engines. Allows you to add metadata which can be used to provide additional information about the content of each page. Can contain a maximum of 50,000 links.


Ranking for the correct keywords is very important…and the keyword tool isn’t gone – it simply moved to a new location, and changed its name.Do some research and see which keyword has the highest traffic and the least competition. Balance these two factors and you have a winning focus for any web page, blog post or other digital experience.


Maximum 70 characters long, with the primary NON-BRAND or NON-PRODUCT-NAME keyword leading the title which is what you’ll rank most for – think 80% keyword #1 ranking factor, everything that follows is a tie-breaker


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