Organic Traffic Pros And Cons!

Welcome To My Website  Today i will tell you about Organic Traffic Pros And Cons!


Best Passive Traffic:

After spending a lot on paid traffic and building up some decently sized social media channels, I can say without a doubt that when organic search traffic is flowing well, it’s by far the most passive source of traffic available.

In fact, all that needs doing is continuing with content production which is one of the easiest aspects of being a website publisher to outsource.  There are many great writers for reasonable rates that can pump out content like crazy.

Yes, it’s still a good idea to promote across social media channels and promote the site, but this gets easier once a site has authority and fans.

Easily outsourced:

I already alluded to this, but I’ll say it again.  Outsourcing content production is very easy.  Since organic SEO largely relies on excellent content being published, all you need to do is come up with article topics that target keywords with some okay search volume.

The goal is to get to the point where you can trust your writers to publish the content themselves (along with formatting the posts).  Once you hit this stage, it’s just a matter of emailing writers topics.

Note, just because it’s easily outsourced doesn’t mean you’ll rank a new site faster.  It still takes time, but once a site has authority and there’s loads of content, chances of ranking for more search phrases is much higher.

Best way to increase value of a website:

Buyers of websites live organic search traffic above all other traffic.

I know if I were to buy a site, I’d be most interested in the organic search traffic.  After all, I could figure out buying traffic on my own.

If you’re looking to build an asset, build up an organic search sucking hog of a website.  Yes, big social media properties can be valuable, but they aren’t as valuable as a website pulling in serious organic search traffic consistently.

Best traffic source for affiliate offers (except perhaps email newsletter traffic – see below):

Because search is intent-based, if you wish to make serious money as an affiliate, you’ll need organic search traffic.  There are 2 exceptions to this:

First, if you can profit from paid traffic to affiliate offers, the profit potential is astronomical.  That’s not something I’ve been able to achieve consistently.  I sure wish I could, but alas, I haven’t.

Second, in some niches, specifically B2B niches, email marketing will usually outperform organic search traffic for generating sales as an affiliate.  This is assuming your email readers hold you in reasonably good esteem by reading the emails and buying through the links.

Massive Traffic Potential:

If you end ranking for some high search volume keywords, the traffic potential is massive.  I love this about SEO… but it does take time.

While paid traffic volume can also be massive, organic social traffic is generally lower unless you’re fortunate to have a very engaged page with millions of fans.

It’s fun (mostly):

There’s a reason SEO was my first main traffic source with online ventures.  I liked it.  I still do like a lot of aspects of SEO.  Specifically, I enjoy keyword research and coming up with topics.  I even enjoy writing each day.

I’m actually not minding my current website restructuring process.  It’s fun coming up with the silo structures and then executing it.  A bit tedious, but it’s something I don’t mind.

That said, link building and promotion are boring.  It’s my least favorite aspect of SEO.  Frankly, I don’t do all that much link building because I’m gunshy and it’s boring work.


Slow going:

It takes 6 months to get meaningful organic search traffic unless you really know what you’re doing.  From there it’s a slow going trajectory.  If you stick with it, you’ll enjoy some nice bumps as rankings for keywords reach the top, but overall, it’s a slow going process.

No control:  

The lack of control can be frustrating.  There’s no guarantee you’ll rank for any intended keyword.  There’s no guarantee you’ll sustain rankings. There’s no guarantee your site won’t be punished and you go from lots of traffic to no traffic overnight.  In a nutshell, you have no control.

Therefore, enjoy it while you have it.

Scaling takes time and effort or money:

Scaling is a matter of more content ranking higher in the SERPs.  This takes time, effort and money.  However, as a website gains in authority, this become easier.  But, building authority takes time, effort and money.  SEO requires patience.

Once you have funds to reinvest and you have a very good sense of what’s working ranking-wise, it’s pretty easy to really crank up the content production dial by outsourcing it and publishing content daily.  Once you hit this stage and assuming you don’t do anything stupid, organic traffic should continue growing and growing without too much of your time.


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