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Welcome to my website here i will tell you about Marketing Hacks! from which you can increase your bussiness online

Marketing Growth hacking is a technique that uses your creativity, analytical thinking, and some social metrics to sell products and gain more exposure online.

When your product is your content, applying growth hacks to it makes perfect sense. If there’s anything you want for your content, it’s exposure.then follow this simple tips.

1-Get Awesome Headlines

Headlines matter. A lot for your article or products.

You already know this, yet you still write slushy headlines that don’t gives results to you. Why do you do this?

here is a free analyzer from which you can use and make awesome headlines

2-Write best Headlines With A Free Headline Analyzer

The headline analyzer will help you:

  1. Use headline that gives you the more visitors for social shares, traffic, and search engine ranking.
  2. Make sure you have the right word balance to write readable headlines that attract attention.
  3. See the best word and character length for search engines like Google and email subject lines, while also seeing how your readers will scan your headlines.

3-Make your content shareable

How easy is it for your readers to share your content? It’s not that readers are lazy, but they aren’t going to work too hard to share a post; you need to make it easy for them.

I’m sure you have a few share buttons, but are you placing sharing options within your post itself? Simple WordPress plugins like Click To Tweet and Markerly allow you to make the content in your post shareable with a simple click.

4-Targeting keyword

It feels like SEO is becoming a bit less important in the new order of content marketing, but I am not convinced that it shouldn’t matter at all. One of the big benefits of choosing keywords is that it keeps you in touch with your audience. You will know what they are searching for, and what is on their mind.

I recommend learning how to use Google Adwords to find keywords that work for your audience. Generate a list, and write a post to go with each group of keywords. There are several plugins out there that will keep you honest.

Use  wordpress seo plugins:

1-All In One Seo


5-Promote Your Products

So often, we think about our blog and social networks as outbound channels–channels for sharing our content with others, but not necessarily connecting with them..

Lema blogs regularly about the products he loves and people that he respects. He is a well-know force in the WordPress community simply because of his willingness to reach out and give generously.

6-Links Your Posts

We all know that links are a good thing when it comes to the search rankings and the web, and we all want others to link to our content. But what about linking to our own content for a change? Google rewards this behavior as well, and it is an important step in the blogging process.

The trick is to choose key phrases in your new blog post that can be cross-linked to other posts on your blog. For example, if you have written a blog post for the keyword ‘write better headlines,’ it would make sense to link to that post using a variety of phrases such as ‘here’s how we write great headlines,’ or ‘writing better headlines is easy.’

As Google indexes your page, it will take into account both the link, and the text that you are using to connect the two posts. The result is better ranking for you.



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