JVZoo Academy Review!

Welcome To My Marketing Blog Today I Will Tell You About JVZoo Academy Review!

Today i will give a best review about JVzoo Academy Review! it is a funnels system that will guide you how millions of marketers making Thousand of $ every day so let’s start.

So you can probably guess that JVZoo Academy is a training system on using the JVZoo networker are making money.  I became interested in this training because I have personally made a lot of money on the JVZoo network using with the basic ways to do so as an affiliate. Because of this I was personally interested since I know for a fact that there is a lot of money to be made with JVZoo.

Now I can guarantee you that a lot of marketers are going to be promoting the hell out of this launch, so be prepared for that. Also be prepared for all the hype your going to hear about how this is the next must have thing that you just need to buy. In this post I’m going to give a very honest review because the truth is the front end training on JVZoo Academy did not impress me one bit  (but Im going to suggest you consider it anyway). Sounds confusing right? Let me explain:

When I first heard about JVZoo Academy it was presented to potential affiliates as the first ever official / JVZoo endorsed training on using the JVZoo platform (it is) and that it had a ton of very detailed, step by step tutorials to walk even a complete newbie through the sometimes confusing process of starting on online business (it did). It also had a price tag of $197, which frankly was fair given the depth and detail of the content, which is presented by one of the top vendors and affiliates on the JVZoo network.

But that’s where things got a little wanky. The $197 price tag was very fair for the quality of training presented however the vendors where afraid that it would not sell well with that much of a front end price. So they opted to make it a two purchase system, with basic content on the front end, and the more in depth content as a upgrade. With this change the new front end price could be reduced to a very affordable $17 from the initial $197.

The best part is that the basic front end content frankly is so awesome.  Above is a screenshot of the training see how much people are making money from it. While it looks like there is a lot there you need to notice that most of the videos are under 3 minutes long. Several of them are under 1 minute long. The videos are done ‘stand up’ style not ‘screen cast’ style and instead talk more about general ideas and concepts instead of presenting detailed ‘action steps’.

While I really liked the initial full training I was frankly like it with the new reduced price ‘front end’ training. I personally found myself wishing that they had not lowered the price and instead kept the full training on the initial offer at the full price. While I understood why they wanted a lower initial price I do feel the the initial purchase must have value in its own right. I just did not see much here after the change.

Hope You like it If you Want to earn then get from here.

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