How To Secure Your WordPress Website From Hackers!

Welcome To My Website Today I Will tell You About How To Secure Your WordPress Website From Hackers!

Someone Recently tried to hack my wordpress website and before he get a full control on my website But Luckily i secure my website by doing some  minor changes in my wordpress website and today i will tell you How To Secure Your WordPress Website From Hackers!

Here are some ways that you can follow and protect your wordpress website

1- Update Your WordPress

Doing this will not stop you being hacked or fix your site if it is already hacked but still it is essential! You should always ensure your WordPress is at the latest and greatest version. The WordPress team work hard to creates patches to help fix security holes so benefit from their hard work. The easiest way to check if you are using the latest version is to login to your WordPress admin account and go to the updates panel. As mentioned even if you are updated your site can still be vulnerable to a hacker but still this helps a LOT so why not make it harder for the hackers and keep fully updated.

2-Change Your Login Details

The default WordPress login is ‘admin’ so hackers focus on that username when attempting to guess your password. The best thing to do is delete the default admin account and create a new custom login. Also so many owners create and admin account that is based on the name of their domain name. Don’t do this as it is to easy to guess. A standard hack attempt is to use tools to brute force (dictionary based attacks) the password on your site so make your admin login name a real tough one guess.

3-Change Your Default Table Prefix

The default table prefix for WordPress is wp_ and of course the hackers know that. When this knowledge the hackers then know all the table names of the most important tables in your WordPress installation . This makes SQL Injection attacks so much easier. So change this wp_ to something else of your own choosing (not your domain name!).

4-Backup Your Website

Okay this tip is not really a security one and maybe we should not add it to our ‘How To Secure Your WordPress Website From Hackers!’ list but we felt we had to. Unless you are an up and coming security expert and can spare the time each day to keep your site fully watched then backup your site. This is even more important if you try to fix your website yourself if it is hacked. That could be your first time at cleaning a website which means a good chance of breaking your website. Backup all the files of your website and do a full database backup. Stores these files on a different server than your current website.

5-Secure Your WordPress File Premissions

So why is this important clients ask ? well say for example you set the index.php file on your site with permissions that anyone in the world can update it. A hacker could then update this file and redirect every visitor that comes to your site to their own malicious site. Okay we could do a full post just on this topic (we will make sure we do soon) and it is a key one in how to ‘prevent your wordpress website from being hacked’ so here is some quick notes and guidance on locking down the access to files and directories on your WordPress installation.

A good rule of thumb is … All files should be 664. All folders should be 775. wp-config.php should be 660 or even better move it out of your WordPress public_html directory.

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