Google AdSense vs. Affiliate Marketing-Which one is better for you?

Welcome To My Website Today I will tell you about Google AdSense vs. Affiliate Marketing-Which one is better for you?

Hey Are You a new blogger and you are confused which one is better to start and looking for best options to make money online between Adsense vs. affiliate marketing which is RIGHT choice for you?

If YES then this post will be helpful for your in your upcoming blogging journey, and if you follow each and every steps towards your blogging, then you will be counted in successful bloggers or affiliate marketer in the whole world.

Are you a new blogger and want to start earning some money online with the best method in this articl iwill tell you about how you can easily start earning some money online with this methods so let’s start.

Google AdSense?

There are tonnes of ads display network in the market such as Chitika, Viglink, Infolinks and much more but which one used by most of the bloggers?

It is called Google AdSense, It is one of the most favourite product from Google Inc. that allows users to show contextual ads on their blogs or website and it works on CPC based money flow, CPC stands for Cost Per Click.

Which means if a user comes on to your blog and click on his/her search related ads than Google will provide you with a set amount which will base on user location and CPC of your keyword.

AdSense would work on cookie method, for example, if a user searched “Weight Loss Pills” before landing over to your blog then Google automatically detect and show him ads related to weight loss products on your site.

So this method will be helpful for a publisher that most of the time user will click on the ads naturally and it is a beneficial thing for you.

Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing stands for selling others product and make a commission out of it. Let me make it simple for you and There are so many affiliate sites which are free to join such as ClickBank (For Digital Products), JV Zoo (For Internet Marketing Products).

These platforms provide you lakhs of products to promote on the web and if you promote and make a sell for the vendor than that affiliate website will share a good percentage of commission with you.

There are two types of products you can sell these days, Digital Products and Physical Products.

Digital Products Example: (ClickBank, JV Zoo, Commission Junction)

  1. eBooks
  2. Make Money Online Guides
  3. eTutorials
  4. Much more.

Physical Products Example: (Amazon, eBay, Flipkart)

  1. Smartphone
  2. Television
  3. Toys
  4. Much more.

You can make affiliate accounts on the sites I shared above and start exploring products and start promoting them on the web and make money out of it.

Here i have find out some google adsense and affiliate marketing pron and cons of it.

Google Adsense


  • It is a passive income source, but only if you have tonnes of daily traffic on your blog, then this platform can make a big amount of bucks on a regular basis.
  • You can make new posts on the blog and increase your income again and again by putting more ads on those posts.
  • AdSense is quick install platform on your blog which means just got approval from AdSense team and put your ads and BOOM you can start making money today.


  • If your blog down with traffic then you’re earning will also down drastically.
  • Google always popular to change their AdSense policy anytime, and then your income could go
  • You can not depend on AdSense revenue for the long-term

Affiliate Marketing


  • You can create a single niche review blog on a particular product, and if that product has only 100 visitors/month, then you can make more money than Google Adsense.
  • It is a long-term business, and you can make a multi-niche review blog and start reviewing products and make sales via your blog.
  • Collect users email via Subscriber Form and use this asset for future branding via Email Marketing.
  • You can get 75% commission from products. (If product cost is $100 then your commission will be $75 instantly).


  • It takes the time to rank Affiliate blog on Search engines, and it takes the time to find perfect buyers.
  • Some platforms of affiliate programme are not easy to join.

So i hope you find this article really very helpful and now you got your answer which one is better to join and start earning some money online..


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