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One fine day you choose to begin a blog, and you quickly stall out on the most essential, yet most critical inquiries:

Where would it be a good idea for me to go to begin a blog?

Which blogging stage would it be a good idea for me to utilize?

These inquiries assume a critical part for any individual who wishes to begin blogging.

That is the reason, in this guide, I will enable you to pick the privilege blogging stage.

All the blogging stages recorded beneath let you do the most critical things – composing and distributing. However, while hunting down the privilege blogging stage to utilize, you may likewise need to discover one that:

Gives you a chance to redo the hope to coordinate your identity.

Gives you a chance to include your own logo.

Gives you a chance to utilize a custom space name.

Gives your perusers a chance to subscribe to blog refreshes.

Gives you a chance to include Google AdSense codes so you can profit.

Offers web-based social networking sharing and membership alternatives.

These are recently a portion of the many variables that you can’t disregard. This may not be of any noteworthiness when you are beginning, yet as you experience passionate feelings for composing (which for the most part occurs in 2-3 weeks time), you will wind up making this inquiry to yourself:

Many individuals tragically pick a wrong stage and later thinking twice about it.

That is the reason this guide will help you not commit such errors.

What’s A Wrong Blogging Platform?

Aside from the focuses recorded over, one other essential factor to consider is the means by which regularly the stage is refreshed. Is it in the know regarding all the most recent patterns and innovative headways?

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For instance, three years back it was not important to have a blog which was portable agreeable. Quick forward 3 years and all web journals must be portable benevolent or else we will lose a great deal of movement. Yet, versatile kind disposition isn’t only for perusers, it’s additionally for us… Let’s say you’re voyaging and a decent idea comes into your brain. Presently you can whip out your cell phone and blog about it!

These are the sorts of situations you should consider while picking your stage.

So in this article, we will discuss the accompanying:

BlogSpot by Google

There are a couple of different stages out there like Weebly and Squarespace which you may discover recorded on the web as the “best blogging stages”, yet they’re most certainly not. They are more web designers which, while great, are not perfect for blogging.

The best blogging stages are the four recorded previously.

Is it true that you are in a rush?

On the off chance that you would prefer not to peruse this entire article and simply need to know which stage to utilize, at that point pick Trust me and my 9 years of expert blogging. is without question the best. You can read this instructional exercise to dispatch your blog on in the following 10 minutes. Truly! It’s that simple.

Be that as it may, I would suggest everybody continue perusing this article as we will really expound on why we ought to utilize these stages. Think about this as purchasing another telephone and knowing every one of the highlights. It’s the means by which we remain educated and use sound judgment…

Sound great?

Okay, how about we simply ahead and take a gander at what these well known blogging stages bring to the table and what they are deficient.

1. (Self-facilitated WordPress stage)

WordPress is an extremely well known stage for propelling a blog.

They offer two renditions of their product:

We’ll discuss in a moment, however you have to realize that is the thing that a considerable measure of site proprietors on the planet are utilizing.

Over 28% of the sites on the planet are controlled by #WordPress. Magnificent!


The motivation behind why is so prominent is on the grounds that it effectively gives you finish control of your site.

It’s open-source programming and is refreshed at regular intervals to continue giving its clients all the most recent new highlights.

They additionally have a versatile application that gives you a chance to blog from your cell phone – you can transfer pictures, compose posts, and answer to remarks.

What I truly like about this stage is the usability. Anybody can begin a blog in actually minutes. For instance, you can pick the starter bundle from Bluehost facilitating and pick the name of your space. Bluehost will consequently introduce your blog, and afterward you can begin blogging. Read this instructional exercise to take in more about it.

It’s likewise recently truly helpful to begin composing and modify your blog’s structure.

What’s more, not at all like a large number of alternate stages out there, since you make this blog individually facilitating server, you additionally turn out to be significantly more than a blogger. You are the pilot of the plane as well as the proprietor of the plane.

As it were, you possess your blog.

You don’t need to stress over some contender erroneously grumbling to your blogging administration and getting your blog erased (these things happen).

Be that as it may, in the event that you are not so much hoping to make your blog well known or profit from blogging (like through Google AdSense), at that point you don’t generally require this stage. You can begin on a free stage and move to this one if/when you’re prepared.

Be that as it may, in the event that you are not kidding about being a blogger, at that point is the stage you require.

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2. (Easier to use than yet accompanies confinements)

As I said above, WordPress offers two renditions, and is the other one.

On the off chance that you are as yet faltering on utilizing, I prescribe you simply ahead and make your blog on This gives you the chance to utilize WordPress without spending a dime ( is allowed to utilize, yet you will even now need to purchase facilitating and an area). will enable you to get used to the WordPress stage. You will learn things like how to compose a blog entry, how to direct remarks, and how to deal with the dashboard. is additionally helpful when you don’t know about your space name.

Ordinarily, when we begin, we utilize a name that we believe is helpful, yet then we understand how terrible it is. For instance, before picking ShoutMeLoud as the name for my blog, I utilized ‘VirginTech’ as my blog name. What a senseless name!

All things considered, we as a whole commit such senseless errors in the initial couple of days of blogging, and such free stages guarantee that these missteps don’t influence our pockets. offers a free area name, for example,, and in the event that you need, you can likewise move up to a “genuine” space name (custom area name) like for a tad of cash.

There are more paid highlights accessible on which increment its capacities, yet as I said before, in the event that you need to utilize “premium” highlights, it’s better and less expensive to run with

In the event that you need an okay examination amongst and, read this.

3. BlogSpot by Google (Free and not too bad contrasting option to WordPress)

BlogSpot by Google

For the individuals who need to test the sweetness of blogging, BlogSpot is another awesome stage that you can use for nothing. This is a Google stage, and thusly, the engineering here is totally not the same as WordPress.

In any case, when all is said in done, blogging on BlogSpot is simple and beginner well disposed.

I began my first blog on BlogSpot 9 years prior. In the wake of utilizing it for very nearly 2 months, I moved to WordPress (.organization)… And I’ve never thought back!

In the event that you take a gander at the Google Trends outline, you can plainly perceive how the fame of BlogSpot has declined in the previous 5 years.

BlogSpot Google Trends diagram

BlogSpot offers a versatile application which gives you a chance to do all the distributing and administration errands from your cell phone. In any case, the application isn’t overhauled as frequently as it ought to be.

On the off chance that you have an Android versatile, you can download the application from here and look at it yourself.

One thing that you will like about BlogSpot is you can adapt your blog anyway you need (AdSense, Amazon Associates, supported posts, coordinate promotions, and so forth.).

I used to prescribe BlogSpot to individuals, however in spite of it being a nice stage, as of late it has fallen into confuse. On the off chance that you are searching for a free stage to dispatch your blog, you should take a gander at or

4. Medium (Great for distributing, yet no adaptation choice)


Medium is a fabulous blogging stage that is made for composing and perusing. On the off chance that your objective is simply to compose, and you couldn’t care less much about personalization, customization, as well as profiting, at that point Medium is for you.

Propelled in 2012, the stage offers a moderate design, and it’s truly a treat to peruse and compose on Medium. I typically reshare my substance from ShoutMeLoud on Medium for additional movement.

As a free blogging stage, is strong. They likewise have a portable application which is similarly as natural as their web stage.

Medium is awesome, yet you can’t utilize it to profit.

Notwithstanding, for business people or entrepreneurs who are not inspired by adapting their blog and are recently searching for a stage to just compose and be heard, is a strong alternative.

Conclusion: Which Blogging Platform To Choose?

Here are my suggestions: This is the reasonable champ. It’s the most utilized as a part of the world, it’s consistently refreshed with new highlights, it has a portable application, and there are no confinements. If you need to encounter the energy of WordPress yet are wavering on betting everything, pick

Medium: For a free stage which enables you to simply compose, is the best decision.

BlogSpot: If all else comes up short, pick BlogSpot.

Presently, in the event that you’ve arrived on this page since you’ve been doing a considerable measure of research on how the energy of blogging can change your life (and it can), don’t look any more distant than On the off chance that you are as yet uncertain and simply need to begin composing, pick In the end, you’ll understand you should be on, and when you do the switch, you’ll have a decent establishment to expand upon.

So in the wake of finding out in between these four platform

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