7 Best WordPress Security plugins

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Although WordPress is a secure platform, you’re never truly safe from people with malicious intent. With WordPress’ star on the rise, it has become a target for hackers, so upping your security game is now more important than ever before. But given the vast array of available plugins, choosing the best ones to protect your site is a tough task.

While some plugins only focus on one aspect of security, there are many others that offer features to protect against brute-force attacks, malware, and much more. To find the right solutions for you, it’s important to have a solid understanding of how your website can be attacked, and what measures you already have in place to prevent the worst from happening.

In this article, you’ll learn the importance of security and how it relates to WordPress. Then we’ll look at how Bonusproduct can help protect your site, and move on to explain what you should look for in a WordPress security plugin. Finally, we’ll show you 7 Best WordPress Security plugins, and discuss why you should consider them. Let’s get started!


Sucuri is a popular full-featured security plugin for WordPress. It offers a lot of great features, such as a comprehensive scanning module and easy-to-use monitoring tools.

While it’s certainly a powerful plugin, it does lack a firewall. Some other plugins on this list offer this as standard, but with Sucuri, this is an additional service starting at $9.99 a month. What’s more, the plugin itself hasn’t been updated recently. While we’ve found no issues during testing, it is something to bear in mind given the emphasis on security.

2-Bulletproof Security

BulletProof Security is another popular solution for protecting your website. It provides strong protection against SQL injections and other WordPress exploits. What’s more, this plugin features a firewall that prevents malicious script from executing before it reaches your WordPress core files.

Much like other free plugins, there’s also a premium version that offers further features such as suspicious activity alerts, and greater protection against a wider range of threats.

3-WPS Hide Login

WPS Hide Login is a simple plugin that changes the standard WordPress login URL to a custom one of your choosing. Hackers using bots will often seek out sites using the default URLs, attacking those they find. Therefore, hiding your login page offers an extra layer of protection.

4-Shield Security

Shield Security, like many others plugins on this list, acts as the first line of defence for your website. It only lets trusted, non-harmful traffic through, while blocking other malicious traffic.

This plugin is ‘sandboxed’, which means it essentially protects itself in the case of an attack. What’s more, an access key is required to unlock the plugin before any changes can be made — a neat failsafe. It’s clear that the developers take your website’s security very seriously.

Unfortunately, this plugin does not offer a malware scanner. The plugin’s main purpose is to prevent malicious threats to your WordPress site, rather than scanning for threats that are already present. However, considering the functionality included, it more than deserves a spot on this list.


UpdraftPlus enables you to back up your site and upload it to a number of cloud storage solutions such as Dropbox and Google Drive for safekeeping. While it offers no way to actually protect your site, backups are vital for any post-attack clean up. It’s a cinch to restore your site, and because you can keep backups in the cloud, they’re safe from any server breaches.

6-Security Ninja

Security Ninja is a lean security plugin that gives you almost full control over what security features to implement. The plugin’s main selling feature is the number of tests you can conduct — more than 50 with a single click.

Unfortunately, the free version does not come equipped with a malware scanner. However, this can be purchased as part of Security Ninja’s premium tier. Apart from the malware scanner, you also get a WordPress core file scanner and an event logger, plus you can also schedule your scans.

7-Google Authenticator

Our final plugin handles a security feature we’ve already talked about: Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). This offers an additional layer of login protection by requiring login attempts to be verified via a trusted device. Google Authenticator is one of the best 2FA solutions currently available.

The plugin is simple to use and is enabled via scanning a QR code using a mobile device. However, if you’re worried about getting locked out of your own website, don’t worry. You can generate one-time passcodes to enable temporary access and sort out any issues.

Final Verdict

Unfortunately, your site will never be entirely safe, and online threats are continuously evolving to test your defences. However, there are many things you can do, including switching to a reliable web host and using a combination of the security plugins above, to fend off potential security threats and prevent any long-lasting damage.

So tell me: which of these WordPress plugins interest you and why? Let me know in the comments section below!

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