6 Best Tips To Increase Google Crawl Rate For Website

Welcome To My Website Today I Will Tell You About 6 Best Tips To Increase Google Crawl Rate For Website

Site crawling is an important aspect of SEO and if bots can’t crawl your site effectively, you will notice many important pages are not indexed in Google or other search engines.

A site with proper navigation helps in deep crawling and indexing of your site. Especially, for a news site it’s important that Search engine bots should be indexing your site within minutes of publishing and that will happen when bots can crawl site ASAP you publish something.

There are many things which we can do to increase the effective site crawl rate and get faster indexing. Search engines use spiders and bots to crawl your website for indexing and ranking.

Here I’m sharing 6 Best Tips To Increase Google Crawl Rate For Website also increase more visibility in popular search engines.

1-Update Your Content On Regular Basis

Content is by far the most important criteria for search engines.  Sites that update their content on a regular basis are more likely to get crawled more frequently. You can provide fresh content through a blog that is on your site.

This is simpler than trying to add web pages or constantly changing your page content.  Static sites are crawled less often than those that provide new content.

Many sites provide daily content updates. Blogs are the easiest and most affordable way to produce new content on a regular basis.  But you can also add new videos or audio streams to your site. It is recommended that you provide fresh content at least three times each week to improve your crawl rate.

Here is a little dirty trick for static sites, you can add a Twitter search widget or your Twitter profile status widget if it’s very effective. This way, at least a part of your site is constantly updating and will be helpful.

2-Server With Good Time

Host your blog on a reliable server with good uptime. Nobody wants Google bots to visit their blog during downtime. In fact, if your site is down for long, Google crawlers will set their crawling rate accordingly and you will find it harder to get your new content indexed faster.

There are many Good hosting sites that offers 99%+ uptime and you can look at them at suggested WebHosting page.

3-Create Sitemaps

Sitemap submission is one of the first few things which you can do to make your site discover fast by search engine bots. In WordPress you can use Google XML sitemap plugin to generate dynamic sitemap and submit it to Webmaster tool.

4-Avoid Copied Content

Copied content decreases crawl rates. Search engines can easily pick up on duplicate content.  This can result in less of your site being crawled. It can also result in the search engine banning your site or lowering your ranking.

You should provide fresh and relevant content.  Content can be anything from blog postings to videos. There are many ways to optimize your content for search engines.

Using those tactics can also improve your crawl rate.  It is a good idea to verify you have no duplicate content on your site. Duplicate content can be between pages or between websites. There are free content duplication resources available online you can use to authenticate your site content.

5-Monitor And Optimize Google Crawl Rate

Now You can also monitor and optimize Google Crawl rate using Google Webmaster Tools. Just go to the crawl stats there and analyze. You can manually set your Google crawl rate and increase it to faster as given below. Though I would suggest use it with caution and use it only when you are actually facing issues with bots not crawling your site effectively.

6-Don’t Forget To Optimize Your Images

Crawlers are unable to read images directly.  If you use images, be sure to use alt tags to provide a description that search engines can index.  Images are included in search results but only if they are properly optimized. You an learn about Image Optimization for SEO here, and you should also consider installing Google image sitemap plugin and submit it to Google.

This will help bots to find all your images, and you can expect a decent amount of traffic from search engine bots if you have taken care of image alt tag properly.

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  • September 4, 2017 at 10:51 am

    Thanks for the great advice . Great resource information.

  • September 11, 2017 at 1:19 pm

    Hi Tanmay –
    Does Improved Crawl rate Increase Traffic?
    Is there any Direct or indirect Relations Between theme?
    If yes, Can you please gives me an overview.

    • September 11, 2017 at 3:05 pm

      Hi Mohd
      Yes if your crawl rate is increased then your website traffic also increases and their is not any direct or indirect relationship between theme of your blog.
      if you want to change then get an faster loading blog theme that will only increase user experience best on your blog
      thank you!

      • September 12, 2017 at 12:24 pm

        Hi Tanmay – Thank you for providing this information. Cheers,


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