3 Broken Link Checker Websites: Get Rid of 404 Links

Welcome To My Website Today I Will Tell You About 3 Broken Link Checker Websites: Get Rid of 404 Links

Broken links are dead-links which are not good for search engine and also for your readers. Today, I will be sharing some free 404 link checker tools which will help you to detect 404 and dead links on your blog.

Here are 3 Broken Link Checker Websites: Get Rid of 404 Links


This is one tool that we use here at ShoutMeLoud. SEMRUSH is a complete suite for finding broken links on your website (Internal + External). It shows the broken links with HTTP code & when the broken link was discovered.

You can use below special link to get 14 days free trial of their pro account that is worth $150. This promo is exclusively for ShoutMeLoud readers.

2-free Link Checker

Free link checker is helpful in checking broken internal and external links within your blog. You can also check the validity of your links on any web page on internet. With URL links it checks image links also.

3-W3C Link Checker

W3C Link Checker is provides you options while checking broken links of your blog such as show only summary, hide redirects, checking linked documents , sending referrer header etc. In results, it provides the status of link and list the issues occurred while checking broken links.

Broken links gives an unprofessional image to visitors about you and your blog. If you are ignoring your blog’s broken link then I would suggest keeping a check on broken links of your blogs with the above mentioned tools. It doesn’t take much time and is very easy to check.

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