10 Ways To Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate!

Welcome To My Marketing website Today I Will Tell You About 10 Ways To Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate!

Here’s a list of 10 ways to increase conversion rate, along with an example for each case of how you can do it.

  1. Provide your leads more middle of the funnel content: case studies, eBooks, more email marketing. Content that would push people down the funnel. Diteba Research Laboratories did that and soon they saw a 3x increase in conversion rate.
  2. Focus on your key traffic referral source. Focused on Linkedin, posted more and better content there, used Answers and Groups, and achieved a 10x increase in traffic and a 10x increase in conversion.
  3. Make your signup forms a single column. This eye tracking study showed that single column forms work better.
  4. Find and communicate proof. Adding proof to the home page contributed a lot to the 400% boost in conversion rate.
  5. Selling an e-book? Use a 3D virtual cover. Code Monkeyism got 43% more downloads from the page with the 3D image version.
  6. Have a single page checkout. Many marketers changed their multi-step checkout into a single page checkout and saw a 21.8% improvement in their conversion.
  7. Don’t ask for the sale too soon. One company removed the sign up call to action from the top of the homepage, and sign-ups increased 350%.
  8. Add a “Free Trial” button. Email marketing software GetResponse showed a “Free trial” button instead “Buy now” and increased trial signups by 158% rate.
  9. Use popup sign-up forms. Popups are known to boost email subscriptions, but Visual Website Optimizer got 50% more signups thanks to a popup signup form.
  10. Place the call to action with a price within the content area. Nature Air added a contextual call to action within content and witnessed a whooping 591% increase in conversions (from 3% to 19%). Easy-to-find and clear calls to action do work.

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